Ecological Practices at Tendu Leaf Jungle Resort & Spa

At Tendu Leaf Jungle Resort & Spa, we strive to protect and enhance the nature that surrounds us because of which we have adopted environmentally-friendly practices. The Eco-Friendly resort in Panna has been built using recycled material - both the wood and metal used for the construction of cottages have been recycled. The Resort relies on renewable solar energy. We minimize waste by using recycled products where possible and discourage the use of plastic.

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Certified by TOFTigers

As part of our Tendu Leaf Jungle Resort & Spa commitment to responsible tourism practices, we are the Accommodation Provider member of the Travel Operators for Tigers campaign (TOFTigers).

TOFTigers is a global travel industry initiative which aims, to advocate, catalyse and support a more responsible and sustainable approach to wildlife tourism in India and Nepal’s Tiger Reserves. Its objective is to support specific conservation and local community projects which benefit the local villagers and the wildlife within the parks you visit as part of your stay with us.

As part of this campaign, we have been environmentally ranked through a process called the PUG audit, as a Quality Practice Certification provider, in our operational practices, the second highest PUG ranking.

This allows visitors to rest assured that your visit to Tendu Leaf Jungle Resort & Spa in Panna Tiger Reserve is enjoyed in a Lodge that is working to decrease its impact on its local environment. We seek to employ and supports local communities where it is possible, and have agreed to consider both the environmental and social issues in our operational decision making, working towards environmental ‘best practice’ of our lodge operations.

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